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Should Be a Fascinating Weekend!

Our List of Participants for this weekend’s Influencing with Integrity seminar is a real “Who’s Who”

• Jerry Brown, Founder and CEO of OveractDev Technology Partners / Win –Web Experts CUSTOM Social Media Campaign, I.D.E.A. Certified Trainer

• Jeff Black, Chief Executive, Chief Strategy Officer, Inventor, Programmer in the Information Technology Industry, Founder of,, Talk Plus, and others

• Marsha Carlson, LISW, MSW , Therapist, Actress, Screenwriter, Training Evaluation Specialist at UC Berkeley, Operations Manager, I.D.E.A.

• David Contreras, VP President, Corporate Marketing, Nominum; Mobile Entrepreneur; Formerly of Palm, Microsoft, Cable and Wireless, others

• Sheila Dubrow, MA, CPIM, OD Consultant, Paloras Consulting, Organizational Change and Strategy Alignment

• Dr. Earnest Hope, MD, PhD. Chairman, International Consortium of AmeReGen Philanthropy Corporations, CEO, Cells’ Force Inc., Thought leader & “father” of adult stem cell industry

• Dwalu Khasu, CEO, KDM Technology Solutions; Architect, Africa-centric Social/Commerce platforms, CTO Feykena: the Emerging Markets-Centric Social/Commerce Platform

• Kate Korolkevich, Partner at Galatea Capital LLC, US-Russian Financial Services partnerships

• Francisco Ramirez, Video Editor, Content Producer, Digital Auteur, Youth Content Specialist

• Sara Mahdavi, Process Development and Manufacturing Process Engineer at Mahdavi Consulting, formerly of AMD

• David Mahama, Partner, TJKM Transportation Consultants, Global Specialists in Urban Transport

• Marna Schwartz, CEO Ecstatic Energetics, Aha Yoga; Health, Lifestyle, Anti-Stress, Corporate Wellness Coach; Cognitive Scientist

• Tina Michelle, National TV Talk Show Host (Punch Network’s, Broadcast Therapist, Facilitator of Change

• Nestor Perez, CEO, Somatic Therapist, Chi Nei and Meditation; Global Healer and Radio Personality (Earth Angels Radio)

• Nikhil Sen, Sports Management, Financial Services, Rep. for Major Indian Multinational Conglomerate

• Nicholas Tana, Award-winning Writer, Actor, Director, Musician; Show developer, director; Former Associate Director, ESPN Sports

• David Traub, Ed. M, Executive Producer (Movies, Music, Games), Entrepreneur, Global Mental Health Educator (VP Media and PR for IWI)

• Diane Wagner, Marketing, Production, Actress/Talent and TV Personality (Host of National Award-Winning TV Talk Show “Inside Out With Diane Wagner”)

• Dana Whitaker, Personal and Professional Coach, Opening Eyes Coaching, Photojournalist / Speaker

• Bart Yeary, Founder, Chief Product Officer at Real Deal Interactive, Game Designer/Director (Virtual Worlds, Social and Mobile Games)

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Overview Video – Influencing with Integrity

I am so fond of our 12 modules of video that I hate replacing them with new footage. Michalangelo’s paintings are still in the Sistine Chapel and it’s been over 400 years, yet my videos are only 20 years old and experts demand I abandon them. Doesn’t seem fair to me.
I’m not saying my videos are comparable to the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. I’m saying any creative endeavor should last longer than 20 years. Having people say “It’s dated,” really hurts.
However, I am shooting new footage. Here’s some of it.

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